I started Private Rooms in 1999 as a personal journal that eased the invevitable boredom that can come with any long stint on the road.

I started photographing colleagues, rock stars, actors, cab drivers, bar tenders and anyone who inspired me or had an interesting story, using 35mm or Polaroid, I would get the answers handwritten by the individuals.

The Private Rooms journey continues today and I will be adding more archive and new entries over the coming months.  Enjoy.



Erin Richards is a Welsh actress, director and writer, best known for playing Molly Hughes in the television series Breaking In and Barbara Kean in the television series Gotham, My wife and I have known Erin since 2005 before Hollywood beckoned. It was always fun shooting photographs of her.

Photographed in London in 2013.


Brandon Charles Boyd is an American singer, songwriter, musician, author, artist and vocalist of the American Multi-Platinum rock band Incubus. A day spent with Bruce the dog and beers at Villains Tavern in Downtown LA with the awesome Jen DiSisto.

Photographed at Brandon's home on Venice beach, CA. 2006.


Simon Casson joined Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane in 1989 as an assistant manager, he is now President of Hotel Operations EMEA, overseeing operations across the European, Middle Eastern and African portfolio, ranging from Middle Eastern skyscrapers to hideaway beach resorts.

Photographed in Dubai 2017.


John Malkovich is an actor, producer, and fashion designer born in Illinois. John and I met up and chatted about life in France, music and film, he ran his nails along the edge of the glass table we sat at for pretty much 30 minutes non stop. He manages to be very calm while being intense at the same time.. a very interesting guy.

Photographed in Cardiff, Wales 2000.


Dan Greenpeace is a DJ, Broadcaster, Music Industry Specialist, Artist Manager, Label Manager, Journalist amongst others. A walking encyclopedia of musical knowledge.

Photographed at his home in Dubai, 2018.


The legend that is Eddie Vedder, Polaroids shot at The Royal Albert Hall in 2001, Eddie hand wrote the text to go with the Polaroids for Private Rooms.

Photographed in 2000, London, England.


Alison Van Pelt is an American painter. Trained in Los Angeles and Florence, Alison's work is informed by expressionism, minimalism and pop art.

Photographed at her home in Malibu, Los Angeles in 2006.


My main aim as a kid was to somehow get to California as soon as possible, preferably to be a rock star, upon arriving in 1992 and discovering that I was tone deaf and musically inept I picked up a camera and the rest is history, BMX was another passion from Cali, growing up as kids in Wales we would cycle miles to get a copy of BMX Plus magazine and take turns thumbing through the mag, Bob Haro (The inventor of BMX) was always a huge inspiration from his riding, designs and artwork. I spent time with Bob in his studios and also introduced him to 'Brains Beer' in London.

Photographed in 2006 in Cardiff By The Sea, San Diego.


George Alan O'Dowd Aka Boy George, singer, songwriter, DJ and fashion designer, George was being mischievous running through the corridors and pulling faces through the doors in a London hotel, we shot a bunch of Polaroids (Which i lost later that night in a pub) if you have them let me know..

Photographed in London, England 2001.


I shot 10 Polaroids of David and elements of his studio in London. The legendary photographer is obviously a very interesting guy, I got on well with him and we had some banter but he doesn't suffer fools thats for sure and I wouldn't want to be around him on a daily basis.

Photographed at Camera Eye Studio in London, 2001.


Julian Miles "Jools" Holland, OBE is an English pianist, bandleader, singer, composer and television presenter. He was an original member of the band Squeeze, I met Jools a few times over the years on the set of 'Later'.

Photographed at BBC Television Centre in London, 2002.


Skateboarder Asher Bradshaw from Compton grew up skating the concrete parks and pools around Venice, California. He landed his first 900 there at age 10, still a record for the youngest skater ever to land the trick.

Photographed in 2011 on Venice Beach CA.


Marwan Parham Al Awadhi aka DJ Bliss is the first Emirati of his kind, a DJ, entertainer and YouTuber. Born and raised in Dubai he has expanded his career internationally by establishing himself as one of Middle East’s leading entertainment personalities.

Photographed in 2015 in Dubai, UAE.


Scott Weiland was the lead singer of most notably 'Stone Temple Pilots' Scott passed away in December 2015 in Minnesota. I met Scott a couple of times and he was
a smart, funny guy. The music lives on.

Photographed at Brendan O'Brien's 'Southern Tracks Recording Studio' in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002


Charlatans vocalist Tim Burgess on the fence after an early morning breakfast and chat about his relocation to Los Angeles we shot the pictures in a parking lot outside 'Hard Rock Live' the final date of one of my favourite tours which took in, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, DC and Orlando.

Photographed in Florida 2000


One of the funniest guys in music, there are too many Noel stories to write here, best told over a beer or two. This Polaroid was a sarcastic gift from Noel to Liam.

Photographed at Olympic Studios, London, England. 2001.


Remi Rough is a street artist from South London, Remi first started as a street artist in the 1980s, moving to gallery art later. His compositions are intense angled abstract shapes. His work has been exhibited in Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Perth, and Tokyo.

Photographed at SOLE DXB, Dubai, 2014.


"Surfing Cowboys" is a term that Wayne and Donna Gunther coined over 25 years ago to capture the lifestyle of freedom, transformation and reinvention they found in California. It’s the reason why people come to California from all over the world. It's the essence of The West, Everyone should go to Surfing Cowboys at least once, my favourite store filled with vintage marvels.

Photographed at Surfing Cowboys on Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA in 2005.  
Note : Now relocated to Malibu.

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